Why do I hate this doll?

Here is an action doll I saw at Borders Bookstore in downtown Bwaston (=Boston).

I really hate this kind of thing. But why? I am sure that the doll tells us a lot about contemporary culture but what does the fact that I hate it tell me about me? After all, creating an action doll of someone is not considered a way of demeaning them - it signifies that the character has some status. It means that children might wish to play games in which the character is the hero, and so on. Children may indeed wish to emulate such a hero.

But I still hate it. ... [brief pause for introspection] ...

To my mind it does seem to trivialize Jesus. When I think of the Lord I am filled with gratitude, awe and wonder. I revere him. He is not cute. He is not tacky. He may have a sense of humour but he is not the object of humour. He is not a 'doll' that I can manipulate to my purposes. He cannot be domesticated but stands over against my attempts to 'tame him'.

Doll-Jesus looks tacky. He does what I want him to, to whom I want him to, when I want him to. I simply cannot think of Jesus in that way without a real feeling of horror.

Perhaps I need to get a life and loosen up but these feelings are deep seated and that's just where I am at.

I would be interested to know how others respond to the doll (and I will not slay anyone with righteous indignation if you are positive about it).


Brett Jordan said…
I dislike them as well, although this may be a knee-jerk reaction from my hot-prot origins... never liked the glowing heart jesus dolls either...

i agree with you that my main problem is that it trivialises Jesus... for a spot of cognitive dissonance, i'd suggest you visit


where jesus is portrayed as 'getting down with the kids'... wodyareckon?
Anonymous said…
I really hate those dolls as well.
Rafael said…
hhhmmmmm . . . I want one. I'd like to collect toys like this, but I can't justify (to myself or to my wife) spending actual money them.

Relatedly, I once saw at [insert name of America-based mega-store here] a 'Jesus action doll' that had a very long, pre-recorded message inside. The label on the box could not have been more unfortunate: 'Comes to life at the push of a button'!! Excuse me?!
Robin Parry said…
Oh the Christian worlds (Catholic, evangelical and the rest) are full of absolute tat!

Check out the Jesus Chair! You can now rest in the arms of the Lord. Somebody wake me up from this dream!
Anonymous said…
So, I guess I should send your Christmas present back then, Robin...?
blogingheadeits said…
no...I think we should all have a jesus chair.
In fact - I'm wondering about deacons gifts...hmmm or then again - that very awkward Church member who might be blessed...


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