Hell found by Geologists in Siberia

Here is a news item I read a few years back in a Christian evangelistic newspaper (which shall remain nameless). It has, I gather, done its tour of the Christian world (the following version is from a different Christian source).
Geologists drilling 9 mile hole hear the screams of lost souls in Hell
The shrieks of condemned souls have been heard coming from the world's deepest hole, where terrified researchers fear they've unleashed the evil forces of hell upon the earth. "The information we're collecting is so astounding that quite frankly, we're afraid of what we might find down there," declares Dr. Viktor Azzakov, director of the project to drill a 9-mile-deep hole in remote Siberia. Geologists were dumbfounded when, after drilling several miles into the bedrock, the drill bit began to spin wildly.
"The only explanation is that the very center of the earth is hollow," states amazed Dr. Azzakov. Another surprise was the extreme heat detected in the depths of the earth. "Our calculations indicate temperatures of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit," notes Dr. Azzakov. "This is 10 times higher than we expected. It almost seems as if a fiery inferno is raging within the earth's core."
The latest discovery, however, is so earth-shattering that scientists are afraid to continue with the project. In an attempt to listen to the shifting of the earth's different levels, a high-sensitivity microphone was extended into the shaft. What they heard turned the logical-minded Russian scientists into trembling wrecks! "There was a faint high-pitched noise, which we thought was our equipment," explains Dr. Azzakov. "But after we made some adjustments, we realised it was indeed coming from the earth's center. We could hardly believe our ears. What we were listening to was the unmistakable sound of a human voice, screaming in pain." "Although one voice was prominent, we could also make out, as if in the background, the screams of thousands, perhaps millions of tormented souls." Since the ghastly discovery, half the scientists have resigned in fear. "Hopefully, whatever's down there will stay down there," adds Dr. Azzakov
The evangelistic newspaper was absolutely serious in claiming that these scientists had got close to drilling a hole into Hell. I can imagine the readers trembling in fear and asking, "What must we do to be saved ... from these idiots?" So I though I would offer a theological reflection on the story. Here is my theological reflection:
What a load of crap!


Anonymous said…
Fascinating. I'm speechless.
Brett Jordan said…
you mean it's not true... now i'm going to have to scrap my sunday sermon and start all over again... now, where'd i leave that copy of the national enquirer?
Anonymous said…
ha! oh wow...and oh dear...and touche to your theological thoughts on it.
Pierre Gilbert writes in his book "Demons, Lies & Shadows: a plea to return to text and reason" that if we look for demons we will find them.
His book actually lays out quite clearly a biblical worldview of demonic warfare as opposed to one that is much more ancient-Mesopotamian, or even neo-Manichean as I have noticed.
JaiDaveon said…
I've never read your blog before but was flipping channels this morning and came across a miniter Creflo Dollar on television who was reading this account (as fact) in his sermon and proceeded to continue his sermon.

I was so disturbed by the absurdity of the claims that any respect for the man was gone. I searched online and found an article on truthorfiction.com that actually did reasearch the article and the story is a doozy!

Nye Carter said…
Whether it is a load of crap or not is not the point. God is real. And he can come down to Earth and stand before us for 24 hours and we would all think that the story was a lie a month from now.

I dont know if the story is true or false, but I do know that Jesus is real and it was an eye opener. Better to let it affect you and believe, than you not be bothered and find yourself one day be amongst them screaming.

Just a thought. God Bless.
Robin Parry said…
Miss Carter

Surely it does matter if the story is a load of crap. It matters because it brings the gospel into disrepute by association with patently absurd nonsense. If people think that Christian faith requires one to believe that Hell is below Siberia and Heaven in behind Saturn (or somewhere out in space) then anyone with any knowledge of geology or astronomy and cosmology will say, 'Well then, science has proved that heaven and hell are not real.'

After all, if the Bible is right then the story could not be true anyway because Hell does not yet exist - not until the end of the Age.
Nye Carter said…
Actually Hell does exist. Souls are there, and unfortunately tormented. If you do your research of the Bible you will see that souls are now in hell. Once the end comes, Hell is thrown into the Lake of Fire.
Robin Parry said…
Miss Carter

I fear that you are mistaken. Hell is not thrown into the Lake of Fire. Death and Hades (i.e., the world of the dead) are thrown into the Lake of Fire. Hell IS the Lake of Fire (Rev 20:14).

Right now Hades (the world of the dead) has not been thrown into the Lake of Fire. Hell does not yet exist.
Nye Carter said…
Robin Perry

In my version of the Bible (i looked up the verse) it said, death and the grave; either way, if I will do more research on it, and maybe you have taught me something new.

That is a small thing to the bigger picture though. No matter what it is that they are suffering in, whether it be hell or hades, they are still suffering. And my original point was, even if that tape was not true, even if the church was wrong in playing it, I, in my OWN OPINION, believe that it does not matter. Because at the end of the day its not important if what got me saved was false or fact. Whats important is that I am saved. Now, that tape was not what saved me. I have been saved for a while in my short years (19) of being on this Earth.

It is just my opinion, and I respect yours.
femi oyerinde said…
im intrested in this debate about hell...first of all miss carter your on the right track and second of all robin perry your being mislead, if you read the scripture properly you will understand that jesus spoke of people who sinned being cast to hell in the new testament. now hades is a place where there is comfort and torture and that no longer exists since jesus died descended to hell to take those from hell before his time,and then rose again the 3rd day. hell exists now and the lake of fire is known as the second death in revelation hell will be thrown there and look in acts 2:32,33 because jesus broke the gulf in hades.so hell exists as a place of weeping and knashing of teeth.
JoeDuffy said…
You may be referring to the Praise the Lord Newsletter of 1990. However, the Viktor Azzakov Version was 1st published by the SUN, a supermarket tabloid in 1988. Then in 1990, the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS printed the Dr. Dmitri Azzacov version.

Later in 2010, I will publish "Scientists Discover Hell Beneath Siberia," a comprehensive explanation of a fascinating story which has existed for 25 years, traversed the world in many languages, saturated the Internet, and mystified millions of persons.

(225+ pages, 400+ Footnotes, Dozens of Pictures/Documents, 2 Artistic Illustrations, Glossary, Internet Links, and Extensive Bibliography.)

Email me for notification when available: beverlyhillspublishers@yahoo.com.

Did something really happen in Siberia, or is this just a Christian urban legend?
Jason Williams said…
This makes me question my atheistism.... Fascinating, yet creepy... I wonder......
John Nelson said…
The Kingdom of Hell will soon become a Republic again as it was prior to 1967. I am looking forward to the day when people will travel there by trains that travel in excess of 750 miles per hour.
Joe/ nigeria said…
Well can we just stop all these arguments about hell?the fact remains that it is good to be good.lets just live good lives so that when we die and finally discover that there is no heaven and hell, we will be happy we lived good lives.HELL IS REAL!!!!! Repent!
If you read Luke: 16:19-31, you will see a rich man crying for one drop water. That means, hell is true and there are human already been. So, let's stop people from going into the fiery furnace and proclaim the gospel.
Anonymous said…
Always fascinating to read how people NEED to feel that there is .. a hell. As if this amazingly hard life, with children dying and mothers crying over their graves, people suffering from incurable diseases and wars destroying countries and races, is not enough. In any case. It IS really cold in Siberia. People there need to think it could eventually get warmer.
ike said…
Hell is not. The lake of fire
The. Bible say death. N. Hell. Will. Be. Cast. N. The. Lake of. Fire
Anonymous said…
You might want to learn how to spell atheism before pretending to be an atheist.

If a fake story about hell being found makes your question your beliefs, I'd like to tell you about a wizard named Harry.

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