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Robin Parry is the husband of but one wife (Carol) and the father of the two most beautiful girls in the universe (Hannah and Jessica). He also has a lovely cat called Monty (who has only three legs). Living in the city of Worcester, UK, he works as an Editor for Wipf and Stock — a US-based theological publisher. Robin was a Sixth Form College teacher for 11 years and has worked in publishing since 2001 (2001–2010 for Paternoster and 2010– for W&S).

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Interesting fact of the day

Did you know that basket ball was invented by James Naismith, a YMCA instructor based in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1891. He was told to invent a new game to enthuse a class of new YMCA recruits. The baskets were only an accident - he was looking for boxes but only peach baskets were available.

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