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Monday, 20 July 2009

400th anniversary of Baptists

Baptists are 400 years old (sadly I'm only 40 so they would not let me be a Baptist). But seriously

"In the early 1600s a group of religious refugees from England gathered in the back room of an Amsterdam bakery to pray and study the Bible together. By 1609 a group of them had formed what we have come to know as core Baptist convictions, especially the necessity of a believers’ church, separated from state control and practising believers’ baptism. From these modest beginnings the Baptists spread through England, North America and Europe and beyond to become a worldwide movement with a community of around 100 million members today."

I am not a Baptist but I do have a Baptist heart. I am a credo-baptist (as opposed to a paedo-baoptist) with a believers church ecclesiology. I also affirm the importance of a free church and of a free state (and am perplexed that some modern Baptists seem to aspire to a having Christian state).

Anyway - I'm glad that the Baptists have been around and impacted the global church in the way that they have. So - "Happy Birthyear to y'all!"

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