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Friday, 10 July 2009

Calvin at 500!

Yes - the great man is, so I am told, 500 today! So make sure that you read some Calvin and also a good book on Calvin (perhaps this forthcoming one edited by Sungwook Chung).
Foreword by Alister E. McGrath

1. Knowing God: Calvin’s Unerstanding of Revelation
Michael Horton

2. Calvin on the Trinity
Kurt Anders Richardson

3. Calvin on Creation and Providence
Oliver D. Crisp

4. Calvin’s Theological Anthropology
Henri Blocher

5. Fromn Ordered Soul to Corrupted Nature: Calvin View of Sin
Lanier Burns

6. Calvin on the Cross of Christ
Mark D. Thompson

7. Calvin, the Theologian of the Holy Spirit
Elias Dantas

8. Calvin on Justification in Evangelical and Ecumenical
Gabriel Fackre

9. Taking Up Our Cross: Calvin’s Cross theology of
Sung Wook Chung

10. Election, Pedestination and the Mission of God
Antonio Barro

11. Calvin’s Ministry in Geneva: Theology and Practice
Jung-Sook Lee

12 Exploring the Usefulness of Calvin’s Socio-Political
Ethics for the Majority World
Dieumeme Noelliste

13 “A Pearl and a Leaven”: John Calvin’s Critical Two-
Kingdoms Eschatalogy
John Bolt

14 Calvin and Religions
Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen

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Terry Wright said...

Looks good... When's it due out?