Online audio versions of George MacDonald's "Unspoken Sermons"

The theological heart of the nineteenth-century Christian author George MacDonald is found in his Unspoken Sermons. All thirty-six of these have now been recorded and made available online for free by David Baldwin. You can locate them here. David says, "Each sermon was carefully recorded using studio quality equipment with the end goal of helping others encounter MacDonald's thought in a fresh, new way or perhaps for the first time."

This is a really great resource and I intend to check out a few. David has suggested that a good place to start may be number 19 — "Abba, Father."


Dan G said…
I started listening to this on my iPod several days ago and I am addicted. Been a MacDonald fan for a long time. Being able to get a lot of his works in audio format via librivox is a wonderful thing.
Micah said…
I am super stoked about this :) -- have been reading an ebook of 'Unspoken Sermons' on my iPhone, but will be great to listen in the car, etc. Thanks for sharing.

Does anybody have a particular favorite hardcopy edition of these sermons? I'm not quite comfortable with having these kinds of books only in electronic versions. Something about having them in paper feels more secure...
David Baldwin said…
Thank you, Robin, for posting this link to my recordings of George MacDonald's three volumes of Unspoken Sermons. Recording these works was not altogether altruistic! I was hungry (i.e., spiritually hungry) and MacDonald provided solid food crammed full of all kinds of nutrients. But how was I to get the most out of such food? At last I concluded that this meal would take much time and effort. After 1000 - 1200 hours spent reading, studying, outlining, annotating, recording, editing and listening to these sermons I still can't say I've sounded the depths of MacDonald’s thoughts. But at least I've gotten far enough to share some gleanings picked up along the way.

Micah - For quality, hard bound volumes of MacDonald's works I recommend These folks have dedicated much time and effort to faithfully reproducing forty-eight of his unabridged, unedited books.
Micah said…
Thanks, David, for that recommendation. I happened across the website last night, and they do look like quality books.

And job well-done on the recordings! I've only listened to the first one so far, on my drive today, but it's already been a moving experience, hearing those words about God valuing the childlike nature we are all supposed to have.


Avigdor Kuhn said…
WOW, this is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. I too am a huge MacDonald fan and am currently on my second readong of "Knowing the Heart of God". In fact, I put the book "unspoken sermons" vols 1-3 in my Amazon basked (which is heaving with books, but I try to force myself to leave them there for a month or two to see if my enthusiasm is still the same...) but now I can listen to it instead. Thank You David for this Mitzvah (good deed) and thank you Robin for sharing this with us all. Shalom Aleichem.

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