Conor Cunningham on evolution

Well, no surprises here but all good fun and wisdom, none the less


Micah said…
Something that bothers me about the idea of God using evolution for creation is that it means the story for Creation, at least beyond the things in heaven, angels, etc., begins with a process of death and suffering. It seems like the beauty of the ultimate reconciliation of all things is that death and suffering are ultimately completely conquered at the end, in order to restore and expand on the original state of goodness. But here, if we have trudge through the muck and blood of tooth and claw from the beginning, before mankind even sinned, how is that a good, original state?

Or is the theistic evolutionist proposing that the sin of angels somehow corrupted the process of Creation before it even got started?

I thought through the sin of the one man, Adam, all sinned, and the curse on Creation, groaning and travailing, followed. But now we need to believe the groaning and travailing was there all along?

I get what the discussion about the coupling of the natural and divine is aiming at, though, in the video; and it is compelling.
Micah said…
Any thoughts on that? Maybe there's another video in the series where Conor addresses that, or in his book maybe?
Robin Parry said…

The reason that I have not replied is that it is a huge question. I did a talk on it once in which I set out a typology of six (I think) different ways of responding to the question. I am afraid that I don't have time to set them all out at the moment. I could email you the powerpoint if it helps

Micah said…
No problem, Robin. :). Yeah, I could see an answer to these questions requiring a lengthy discussion. I'd be very interested in receiving that powerpoint if it's not too much trouble. Thank you for the kind offer.

Is there a particular e-mail address to which I should send my own e-mail to, that you don't mind mentioning publicly?
Robin Parry said…
my work email is public
Normally I don't use it for non work stuff but I can for a one-off if you email me on that
Anonymous said…
You should put the PowerPoint up publicly, it is a good question and I'd love to hear a response.

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