Herbert McCabe on God's love

A friend of mine has sent me a quotation from Herbert McCabe (who was a Dominican theologian based in Oxford). It is worth repeating.
"The whole of our faith is the belief that God loves us; I mean there isn't anything else. Anything else we say we believe is just a way of saying that God loves us. Any proposition, any article of faith, is only an expression of faith if it is a way of saying that God loves us...The Christian notion of God is based on a belief in a love which simply can never fail."
Does anyone know the source for this quotation?


I think it's a very slightly modified version of something from the third chapter of 'Faith Within Reason' (from page 33, then the '...' indicates quite a large missing portion, before the final sentence is from the bottom of page 34). It was cited by Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP in 'Why Go to Church'.
Robin Parry said…
Thanks very much. That is most helpful
CGE said…
The last sentence of the missing portion is "...I think we have a whole society (known as the Free World) which is so structured as to destroy belief in love, to eat away at the confidence people have in each other, to replace friendship by competitiveness, generosity by domination and submission, community by national security, love by fear."

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