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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Kindle of "The Evangelical Universalist" now available

If you were looking for the Kindle edition of TEU it is now available. The link is here.



Matt said...

I can't seem to buy it? It says price information is not available and there's no buy now button? Has it been pulled again?

Robin Parry said...

It has not been pulled again. The publisher will look into the problem

Gem said...


I have the hard copy of the book but I am frustrated about not being able to find certain passages. Can you release a preview or at least a snippet version on google books? This enables searching the entire book for words of interest. And in your next edition, could you consider including a Scripture Index?

The passage of interest to me is 2 Thess which contains Paul's description of punishment/retribution which fits the most closely with the traditional view and I am wondering how a universalist would interpret it? Is it addressed in your book?

Robin Parry said...

Gem,it is. In the section on Paul and Hell. It is the only real Hell text in Paul. My "solution" is, in the end simple. I do waffle around a bit in that section but you will see that the actual proposal in the end is very basic.

Jack+, LC said...

When are you going to get a Nook version of this wonderful book?

Robin Parry said...

A Nook version? What is that?