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Thursday, 9 December 2010

God and Government (SPCK)

I am currently reading an excellent book:

Nick Spencer and Jonathan Chaplain (eds), God and Government. London: SPCK, 2009.

It is a superb collection of essays on Christianity and politics. Here is the contents page.

Introduction — Nick Spencer
1. Government as an ambiguous power — Nigel Wright
2. The nature and role of government in the Bible — Julian Rivers
3. Neither anarchy nor tyranny: government and the New Testament — Tom Wright
4. The role of government in classical Christian political thought — David McIlroy
5. Government and social infrastructure — Nicholas Townsend
6. Government, solidarity and subsidiarity — Philip Booth
7. Government and the common good — Clifford Longley
8. Government and equality — Andrew Bradstock
9. Conclusion: Christian political wisdom — Jonathan Chaplain

So far I have read through to the end of ch. 7 and the book has not dropped a stitch yet. The contributors and the topics are well chosen and the material is stimulating and thought-provoking.


1 comment:

Alex Smith said...

It does sound fascinating. Please post your reflections on it as you go.

As a young adult I was under the impression that if you were a Christian, you had to hold Right wing views. However, I'm less certain of that now. What's you're opinion on that?

More importantly, how do you think EU influences your view on politics?