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Monday, 10 May 2010



David Reimer said...

Dunno. It's polished, it's almost clever, there is "poking-fun-at-self"...

... but I thought Bill Kinnon hit a bullseye with his analysis.

Whaddaya think?

Robin Parry said...


That is an interesting analysis. However, whatever the makers of the video intend, I don't see why it cannot function ironically and subversively. In fact, it is hard not to see it as undermining such ways of being church even if the makers never intended it as such.

To be honest though, I don't actually think that such meetings are as superficial as this video makes them out to be. It rightly makes us ask awkward questions but we are also free to critique the critique as going too far.

BTW - I re-read your "redeeming politics in Jeremiah" this morning. Good stuff.

'Christian faith is purposeful participation in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ' said...

Absolutely tremendous! So sadly true ..... Thank you, bro, for making me laugh with joy once again