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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Holy? I beg to differ.

I just spotted this on Jim West's site. Funny thing is that a few years back our music dept were sent this as a demo tape. We never did decide whether it was serious or a joke. One presumes a joke - I mean, it cannot be genuine, right? - but you honestly never know.

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Anonymous said...

I HOPE this is a joke; otherwise it brings Christianity into disrepute!

Like the American who "worked with NASA" in the 1960s (actually he supplied them with outside generators). He went around schools saying that a computer program of the moving solar system, when run backwards in time, discovered the missing day when the sun stood still.

Among the uneducated, this story was repeated again and again, and is still doing the rounds. With such illogical nonsense he brought Christianity into disrepute.

With friends like these ...