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Friday, 11 December 2009

God is Love

God is not anger though He can be angry, God is not vengeance though He does avenge. These are attributes, love is essence. Therefore God is unchangeably love. In judgment He is love, in wrath He is love, in vengeance He is love – ‘love first, and last, and without end.’ Love is simply the strongest thing in the universe, the most awful, the most inexorable, (not to be moved by entreaty) while the most tender.

Thomas Allin. Christ Triumphant. 1878. Rpt. 9th ed. Canyon Country, CA : Concordant, n.d. 76 - 77.
Thanks to Beryl Spikings for pointing me to this quotation.


"Nick" said...

GREAT quote. Wow. So true.

TN said...

What a coincidence!

Today I read about the words "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee" in Hebrews 13:5.

Although the English only has two negative words (never and nor)the Greek has no less than five (5!) seperate words to emphasize the negative!!!!!

So that lead me on to thinking about 1 Cor 13 -- God's kind of love "never fails".

And now your wonderful quote.

Thank you!

TN said...

btw my FireFox now gives me instant translation of everything into Chinese.

Your name comes out as


Luo-Been Pa-Lee.

Sure enough, the R sound is being represented as L!

So if you want a tattoo ...