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Friday, 19 June 2009

Finding God in the Shack TV Interview - Rauser Rocks!


eclecticchristian said...

It is good to see some positive comments on the Shack in the blogosphere.

Taylor Seminary where Randal teaches is the Seminary for my denomination, the North American Baptist, so it was nice to learn a little more about one the professors there.

By the way, I was intrigued by your twitter comment that you "co-slaughtered a unicorn with an umbrella (its intestines were made of sweets!)"

I am guessing "Pinata", though I don't think I have ever heard it described in such graphic terms!

Anonymous said...

The shack is a very uncomfortable book at times and at other deeply comforting. I believe that it allows us to get immersed in the story of another and see facets of God hidden to us before. Having read Pilgrim's progress a number of years ago and being a fan of Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia I believe when viewed in this manner: it is very powerful.