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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Cleopatra in the Bible

How did I not know that Cleopatra is in the book of Daniel? I've read commentaries on Daniel before and they contain this information (I've checked them again) so how did I miss it first time around? Nice but dim!

I guess that you all knew the lady of the milk baths was there in the good book but somehow it passed me by!

For those of you who did not know - here is the verse.

"He will determine to come into control of his whole empire and will make an agreement with him and give him a wife in order to destroy it." (Daniel 11:17)

This is about Antiochus III who made peace with Egypt in 197 BC and married his daughter Cleopatra to Ptolemy V. Antiochus hoped to get his way in Egypt through his daughter. Sadly for him she was loyal to her husband and encouraged Egypt to join with Rome against her father.

And, of course, Cleopatra's brother was the infamous Antiochus IV whose persecution of faithful Jews has become the stuff of legend.

This is not a theological scribble just a confession of ignorance and a cry of, "Oh! That's interesting!"

OK - now I am doubly embarrased. I post a comment exposing my embarrasing ignorance of Cleopatra in the Bible. A few hours later I am discussing this with my 14 year old daughter Hannah and she gently explains to me that I have the wrong Cleopatra. The lady of the milky baths was Cleopatra VII (51-30BC). She may not have a PhD but she knows her Cleopatras. I should have known this as the dates were all wrong but I was too eager!

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

a little "noledge" is a dangerous thing:)

eclecticchristian said...

Of course the whole idea of trying to fit prophecy to history has its own set of pratfalls. :) Especially when it comes to the book of Daniel.