Isaiah and Justification by Faith - quick question

Here is a question that poppsed into my head the other day. I have not looked into it at all and it might be utterly daft but I will ask it anyway.

Given that the trial motif looms large in Isa 40-55 and given that Isa 40-55 strongly influenced Paul's theology, might the trial motif in Isa 40-55 link in any way to Paul's theology of justification by faith? Is it background for the trial in which Paul's justification language finds its home?


David Reimer said…
I don't know. :)

But there is a PhD student in Edinburgh who is (as I understand) exploring the trail blazed by Johannes Munck which connects Paul and Isaiah.

Robin Parry said…

thanks - interesting. Of course, the use of Isaiah in Paul is a massive topic so I would not be surprised if my question is not on this person's agenda but if it was I'd be interested.


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