Kevin Miller's long-awaited new book about the Hellbound? movie is now out.

Edited by Kevin Miller 
(Kevin Miller XI Productions Inc., 2017). 220 pages.

In September 2012, the feature-length documentary Hellbound? was released in theaters across North America. Joining a growing chorus of voices that were questioning the traditional view of hell as a place of eternal conscious torment, the film asked a handful of “burning” questions. Does hell exist? If so, who goes there, and why? More importantly, what do our views about hell say about us and our understanding of God? And how do our beliefs about these issues affect the kind of world we create, the kind of people we become?

Five years later, the debate over hell is far from settled, but the landscape in which such questions are being asked has changed radically. Hence, filmmaker Kevin Miller decided it was time to go back to some of the people who appear in Hellbound? and others he met along the way to get their input on how the debate has shifted and how it’s remained the same. The result is a plethora of voices offering all sorts of perspectives, some highly academic, some polemic, some intensely personal, and all bound to impact how readers think and feel about this issue.

  • Frank Schaeffer
  • Brad Jersak
  • Ron Dart
  • Michael Hardin
  • Archbishop Lazar Puhalo
  • Julie Ferwerda
  • Sharon L. Putt
  • Joshua Tongol
  • Brian Zahnd
  • Randal Rauser
  • Jaime Clark-Soles
  • Robin Parry
  • Thomas Talbott
  • Kevin Miller
  • Adam Ericksen
  • Jackson Baer
  • Rayborn Johnson
  • Andrew Klager
  • Heath Bradley
  • Richard Beck
  • Christopher Morrissey
  • Eric Reitan
  • Matthew Peter Klein
  • Wayne Northey
  • Derek Flood

The book is available on Amazon and soon elsewhere. It can also be purchased in a package along with the Hellbound? DVD here


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