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Thursday, 3 July 2014

A song profound beyond words

This song is so unusual and striking . . . and so very deep. For me it is a fabulous demonstration of the way that form and content can work so powerfully together in music. Wow. You may not "get" it, but I am sure that some of you will.

I have only recently discovered Page CXVI and The Autumn Film (two different musical "projects," but the same people). Their music is really fantastic. This song, however, is not typical for them, except that it is in-formed by a Christian spirituality and a deep feel for music. Do check out the sites. If you sign up you get a bunch of free downloads.


Terry Wright said...

A friend of mine, who has a degree in music and theology, once said that he thinks the ending lets it down. If I recall correctly, it was something to do with the change from minor to major. Of course, I may not recall correctly!

Robin Parry said...

You know this arrangement? Wow! I have never come across it before.

Terry Wright said...

One of my previous vicars used it during a Good Friday meditation.

I've just watched the video you posted, though, and it's slightly different to the version my previous vicar used (and to the one I own). That version includes a verse or two from 'It Is Well With My Soul'. I'll email it to you.