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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Great blog post on atheism's straw-man version of God

Here is a VERY good blog post by Oliver Burkeman at The Guardian on David Bentley Hart's new book — The Experience of God (Yale University Press, 2013). Burkeman writes as one sympathetic to atheism but who thinks that most atheist attacks on God are attacks on a straw-man version of God rather than the God that informed believers have believed in. He recommends Hart's book as an antidote. If atheists wish to attack belief in God then this is the issue they need to grapple with. Absolutely. This is very wise comment. I too am fed up with people claiming that belief in God is dumb and then it turns out that what they mean by belief in God is not what I mean. When someone now tells me that they do not believe in God my first instinct is to ask "what exactly is it that you think you don't believe in?" I no longer take it for granted that we are speaking about the same topic.

I won't repeat the content of this blog post — it can speak for itself.

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