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Monday, 9 September 2013

T. F. Torrance on the finished work of Christ

This . . . reconciliation encounters me telling me that I am
already reconciled to God in Christ, already died for, redeemed and forgiven. It tells me that already the great positive decision of God’s reconciling love in my favour has been taken, and it can no more be undone than Jesus Christ can be undone, than the incarnation can be reversed or obliterated, or the cross made as if it had never taken place. . . . I am already included in the finished work and already part of Christ, for it was my nature, my humanity, my flesh of sin, that he assumed and made one with himself in his one person.
T. F. Torrance, Atonement, 167.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that nice, and very significant!)quote from T.F.

I have a note of a Barth quote that says something like "we are all reconciled but not (yet) redeemed".

And now I've seen a Pope Francis quote that we are all redeemed, and I'm wondering if he meant "reconciled".

Can anyone recommend a good article on these words!

Anonymous said...

And what about the N.T's
was saved
is being saved
shall be saved