my next book ... Deep Church and the Recovery of Christian Orthodoxy

Andrew G. Walker (from Kings College London) and I have almost finished writing Deep Church and the Recovery of Christian Orthodoxy, the project I have been working on for the past year or so.

Very excited that it is almost ready to submit. It will be out in 2014 (d.v.).

More information about it will be available here over the coming months. For now I will say this much:

it concerns the importance — for those of us who are Christians in the modern West — of "remembering our future." By this I mean the importance of drawing on the riches of the tradition, especially the patristic tradition, as we consider how to be church in the modern/late modern/ultramodern/postmodern world.


Keen Reader said…
The publisher is . . . ?
Robin Parry said…
Cascade Books (and perhaps someone else in Europe—we're not sure yet)
Anonymous said…

Sounds like an excellent and necessary book. I look forward to it.

David Russell Mosley
Alex Smith said…
Sounds great, I can see the need for a book on that topic.

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