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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

UK Day Conference on Christian Universalism (Dec 2012)

The UK version of the second edition of The Evangelical Universalist comes out from SPCK in November 2012. Hooray! Hmmmm. I need to have some special event to celebrate.

I know ... !

For those of you who are interested, I am the speaker at a Day conference on Christian universalism on December 8th. That sounds fun enough to count as a celebration.

It is called "Will the Love of God Save Us All?"

Saturday 8th December 2012

10am to 4pm

St Michael & All Angels Church,
The Street,

The day looks something like this:

10:00–10:15: worship and prayer

10:15–11:15: the problems of traditional hell

11:15–11:45: coffee

11:45–13:00: creation, fall, redemption, and consummation in Christian universalist perspective.

13:00–13:45 lunch (bring your own butties)

13:45–14:45: considering objections to universalism

14:45–15:00: break

15:00–16:00: Q & A

If you are interested in attending please contact Rev. Karen Best.

Rev’d Karen Best, Bradwell Area Lay Discipleship Officer
01245 248 157


Chris Tilling said...

Looks like I am in Chelmsford that day, teaching about Galatians! Will try and make it over when that is done

Alex Smith said...

Sounds like an great way to spend the day - I wish I could be there!

Andrew Tweedy said...

I'll be there. Looking forward to meeting you at last :)

Robin Parry said...


you are coming from Spain? Crumbs!


Andrew Tweedy said...

Claro que si! Gracias a Ryanair.

Station Cars said...

Missed it!