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Monday, 23 April 2012

New US Cover for Second Edition of "The Evangelical Universalist"

Here it is: as with the new SPCK cover (for the UK edition) it embodies both continuity and discontinuity with the previous cover.

Something old ...

something new


Tom Nicholson said...

the older one has more gravitas !

i see prof. crisp has a foreword not mentioned on the front of the spck cover

will the spck also include his foreword ??

Robin Parry said...

it will be identical (except for the copyright page and logos and, obviously, the cover)

Anonymous said...

so when is it going to be available?

Robin Parry said...

The US edition will be available in May. The UK edition a few weeks later (not sure of date)

Tom Nicholson said...

Thanks Robin,

and re May -- is that May "this year" -- I'm hoping so!

(I did know, but now I've lost the plot).