Hits the Nail on the Head


Jon Hughes said…

Have you read Christian Smith: "The Bible Made Impossible"? Fascinating book dealing with what the author terms "pervasive interpretive pluralism". It had the effect of helping me to see that Universalism is at least as viable as any other 'ism' (e.g. Calvinism/Arminianism). It also helped me to lighten up concerning my own dogmatism, and enjoy moments of wry humour when people seem unable to see problem verses with their own system!

Every blessing to you.
Matt said…
Interestingly The Bible Made Impossible is what drew me to the above cartoon from thomasthedoubter.com, which has now gone viral as many people have re-shared it (like Robin).
Robin Parry said…

I did not. I did read his excellent book on "How to Go from Being an Evangelical to a Catholic in Ninety-Five Difficult Steps."

Jon Hughes said…

It really is a great book, isn't it? Certainly needs to be read widely within the evangelical community.


I've read that too. I didn't become a Catholic as a result, but am no longer so keen on Catholic-bashing as I used to be!
Tom Nicholson said…
Almost as bad as a chart of the church denominations in Scotland, which can be seen here (half way down page):

I wonder if all this fractionalism within Christianity will drive us back to some kind of humility?
Jon Hughes said…

I hope so. It's disgraceful, and I use that word deliberately.
Anonymous said…
Smith's: "The Bible Made Impossible"? talks about our pervasive differences on doctrines and interpretations, and it's a real problem, no doubt. The only answer I know is reflected in these words which I picked up somewhere:

Whatever else might be said, I honestly don’t believe we’ll even begin to move in the right direction until we resolve that loving one another is a higher priority than proving, protecting and enforcing the rightness of our doctrines…

... We should rather regard the command to love as the most foundational doctrine of the church and thus the most important doctrine on which to be correct! Peter says, “Above all, love each other deeply, for love covers a multitude of sins” (and alleged “heresies”?) I Pet. 4:8

"Above all" wow !
Jon Hughes said…
Well said, Anonymous.

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