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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Seriously good theological videos online

OK - if you want to see some seriously good theological discussions then check out this link. There you will find high quality interviews with good trinitarian theologians such as Alan Torrance, Gary Deddo, Gordon Fee, Elmer Colyer, Paul Metzger, etc, etc. It is fantastic!

What is really amazing is that this serious theological resource had been created by a church. And not just any church ... this is the Worldwide Church of God. If that name does not ring a bell then perhaps you may recall Herbert W. Armstrong, their founder, and The Plain Truth - their magazine. Know what I mean! This was a very sectarian, theologically dubious (to say the least) movement that has had a complete turnaround. Their story is almost unbelievable - a cult that turns orthodox. And not simply orthodox - these guys seem theologically sounder than most of the mainstream churches I know! They are just delightful!

You can read their story in the books Transformed by Truth by Joseph Tkach (Multnomah, 1997) and The Liberation of the Worldwide Church of God by J. Michael Feazell (Zondervan, 2001). Both are written by high profile insiders who lived through the transformation.

As part of their ministry they are recording interviews with trinitarian theologians on all sorts of theological issues. AMAZING! So check them out. The latest is Alan Torrance - surely one of the sweetest theologians out there!


Kevin Davis said...

The interview with Elmer Colyer was awesome, especially the one on predestination.

ShackBibleGuy said...

As a lifelong WCG member, thanks for the kind comments about our unusual journey. "Dubious" is a very charitable way to describe our past. =) But Papa is faithful and has shown us kindness beyond comprehension. He demolished our legalistic self-justifying edifice, razed it to the ground, blessed be his name. Starting fresh has its advantages. =) The theologians in these videos have been so helpful to us!

Anonymous said...

Quick link to the wcg's frank autobiography http://www.wcg.org/lit/aboutus/history.htm

newparadigmthinkers said...

I agree that we have a treasure in those down to earth, unpretentious yet very informative interviews!

Pocha huntas said...

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