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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Translating the Bible into 'Black Country'

The Ten Commandments have been translated into the Black Country dialect [for those who don't know the Black Country is an area north and west of Birmingham, UK] by a T-shirt shop. Dubbed ‘God’s Bostin Rules’ they include ‘Honor ya dad un ya mom’ and ‘Yow cor kill con ya’ and are causing a stir across the area.

The t-shirt was made for local charity worker David Upson, who said he cannot walk down the street without people stopping to read it. The commandments were put together by Warren McCabe-Smith and Stephen Pitts of Teet Shirts in Reddal Hill Road, Cradley Heath. They were approached by charity worker David – a Christian and Black Country born and bred – to translate the biblical text into dialect.


1. “Ar bin the Lord yaar God, yow cor ave ova daft un’s befower me”

2. “Dow put stuff befower God”

3. “Yow cor tek the naame o’ the Lord yaah God in vain”

4. “Git yaself to Sunday meeting ay it”

5. “Honor ya dad un ya mom”

6. “Yow cor kill con ya”

7. “Yow woe av it off with sumone elses missus/bloke”

8. “No pinchin’”

9. “Dow mek out ya muckers dun it”

10. “Dow get jealous of ya maates stuff”

For more information visit the website at www.teetshirts.com

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