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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Narnia Code - the T Shirt!

How's about this then? Those of you who have read Michael Ward's fabulous book Planet Narnia (OUP) - in which he convincingly argues that each of C.S. Lewis Narnia chronciles corresponds to a different plant in the Medieval cosmological scheme - will love this design by Dave Chisholm and Alan Noake. I think the idea is that it could be a T Shirt. I'd get one!


Phil Groom said...

T-shirt? Total torso tattoo, I reckon!

tn said...

Reminds me of VALENTINE from John 3:16, thus: (not sure if my capitalized letters will line-up though -- but you'll get the idea)
God so loVed
the world thAt
he gave his onLy son
that whosoEver
believes iN him
should noT
perIsh but have