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Friday, 8 May 2009

1 sentence theology (what is the church?)

Q - What is the church?

answers in no more than 1 sentence please.


John Ottens said...

The church is restored-Israel and gathered-gentiles, acting as the redemptive community by which God restores the world.

Robin Parry said...


Wow! That's exactly what I think but I thought that I was a weird freak for doing so.


Anonymous said...

The People of God.

pchurcher87 said...

The people that are 'called out' (ecclesia) by God to be seperate from the rest of the world as they are followers of Christ.

Christopher said...

Sorry, "ecclesia" does not mean "called out". "ek-klesia" (lit. "out-called") does not mean "called-out" any more than "butterfly" refers to an airborne slab of cow produce. :D