I am John Wesley

I have just taken a quiz on facebook which is said to be scarily accurate. It asks you lots of questions and then tells you which famous theologian you are.

I am John Wesley

I do love John Wesley but I think it is a big stretch to suggest that my theology is a lot like his. After all, I am not an Arminian and that was kind of important to old Johnny W. I believe, unlike Wesley, in things like unconditional election and irresistable grace. I always imagined that I was a bit more like Calvin (although not that much like him either).

Oh well - Wesley it is.

That said, I am flattered to be compared to a Christian theologian that fabulous. It is he who is diminished by association with me, not vice versa.


John Ottens said…
Yes, I took the same quiz yesterday and found out that I am Thomas Aquinas. Turns out that the quiz has a pretty limited pool of theologians from which to draw, and if one thinks that 'works' are involved in salvation and that tradition is important in the life of the church . . . then surely that means that you are the one Catholic theologian on the (sorely lacking) list!

I suppose it's too much to ask that N. T. Wright be included in the list of options . . .
pchurcher87 said…
Thats funny. I took it yesterday too and came out as Karl Barth. Flattering as that is the Universalism worries me, lol. Plus I'm an Arminian and would have thought that I was a perfect candidate for Wesley. My open Thiest friend came out as Calvin. Go figure.
Robin Parry said…

Barth firmly denied that he was a universalist so perhaps you are OK. Still - Barth was not very Arminian. Perhaps you and I can swap. I'll be Barth and you be Wesley.

That said - I saw all the 'Barth' options along the way and avoided them because the result would have been too obvious. I wanted a surprise. I got one.

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