Resurrection and Hope

There is so much in the world that is just not right. There is so much darkness and tragedy. Sometimes I really struggle with why God does not stop it. The future is opaque - will it be brighter or darker still? People, animals and ecosystems can be so fragile - so easily broken.

What gives me hope - deep hope - is the resurrection of Jesus, the Messiah. I come back to it all the time. Here, in the resurrection of Jesus, God has already brought about the future of creation - proleptically - in the person of the Christ. In Christ all creation is gathered up and represented in his risen life.

So the gift of salvation, of eternal life, of redemption, resurrection, the kingdom of God, of new creation is already present in Christ's resurrection. It is simultaneously the means by which creation's redemption is brought about, and a promise that it shall be.

So we who hold on to the risen Lord do know the future of creation. Sure, we don't know everything about it (!!!) but we know something. We know that in the end God wins. That all will be well. That God's last word is given not to the crucifixion of his world but to its resurrection. And nothing ain't gonna stop it now because the gift has already been gifted - the risen, transformed body of our risen Lord!

Christ is risen! Hallalujah!


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