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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Poem - The Incarnate Saviour of the World

The Incarnate Saviour of the World
Tell us
and tell us again
your lethal and constituting gospel
tender and terrible
slay us, give us ourselves and all in you
and for you—
you, that one Word
speaking our speech away;
widen and win my ears
ream my reconciled heart to receive,
make room in my throat and open my palms
for praise

I love this poem.
It is not the propositional content but what the words do. Powerful!
I wish I could write poetry.

About the poet
Debbie Sawczak
'I am a lexicographer by profession and write poetry on the side; both activities express my wonder and love for language. What I especially enjoy is the opportunity I often get to read or recite my poems publicly, so that I can look my audience in the eye and try to establish a two-way connection. I am currently polishing a first collection for publication and collaborating with a composer friend on a recording of music and poetry. I live in Georgetown, Ontario with my husband and three sons.'

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brett jordan said...

as someone wading my way through the major prophets at the moment, the poem rang a lot of bells!